Night of 11-12-09 *update*

Remembered something later, it seems i remember standing by either puddles or a lake smoking cigarettes and worrying that my friends and girlfriend around me were going to yell at me because I have been smoke free for almost 6 months now. I seem to remember chain smoking thinking about this and saying how damn much I missed smoking. Odd and here i have absolutely no craving to break my quitting by smoking again. Annoying.

Night of 11-12-09

Last night was a bit of a bust. I don’t seem to remember very much at all from this dream. Just bits and pieces. One part that continues to be vivid is me either being followed by or inside of a giant old style blimp. I imagine it has to do with the fact I watched “up” yesterday so that’s altogether uninteresting. I also remember vaguely playing video games in either my house or my friends house.

Either way… completely uninteresting and not really worth blogging about but I’m trying to commit to this thing.

Entry 1: The night of 11-11-09

WARNING! This is a dream! There is graphic psychological content in this! I am merely chronicling my dreams regardless of content. Do not be offended! this is just a dream and none of it actually happened.

Had quite an interesting dream last night. Actually kinda sexy. It seems I was running all over avoiding zombies. Everyone had become zombies. It felt as if I had been running forever. There were a few people who were okay but even they didn’t know what to do about the issue other then to run.

One way or another… somehow all of the zombies were herded into an single auditorium. Where I was forced onto stage. I was told I was the only one who could stop it. I was handed a microphone and was told to go. I started off with small talk but that seemed to make them angry so I began to sing.. I began to sing as horrible as I possibly could. All of the zombies seemed even more infuriated by this. Some of them started to get out of their seats (yeah they seemed to be okay with politely sitting while I performed) one of the other people who was okay turned to me and said, “Stop it!!”

Suddenly, I seemed to find my proper singing voice. I sang as hard as I could… it feels like I recognized the song but right now I am completely unable to remember the song. Regardless… My amazing baritone singing seemed to do the trick.. the more I sang the more of the zombies almost miraculously started to transform back into normal humans until the whole auditorium was all better.

Everyone praised me as a hero! I was the best person ever! I played it down and walked out the side stage entrance of the auditorium to the rousing sounds of applause. As I exited the door a woman who was completely nude ran up and bumped right into me. She looked me in the eyes and asked if I was the person who saved all those people. I replied yes.

I am unsure how it worked but somehow this turned this naked woman into putty in my hands. I picked her up and carried her off with her legs wrapped around me and “goo goo eyes” staring me down to her destination.. which was apparently a woman’s dressing room under the auditorium.

As I carried her in I was a little shocked to see the whole dressing room was kind of like a locker room at a gym. She was still nude still wrapped around me as I carried her in looking for a place to fuck her. The other women in the locker/dressing room were also all nude and were cooing with jealousy as i carried her through looking for a nice flat place to do her proper. at the end of the locker room there was a dirty looking room next to a bunch of bathroom stalls. I looked her in the eyes and said, “Well we can’t do it here, maybe we’ll just have to finish this up another time.”

I put her down and she said, “Wait there is something I gotta do before you go.” She promptly began to unzip my jeans and pull out my penis and began to give me a blow job. Needless to say this was fantastic! Over time Other girls started to take shifts sucking on my cock since I was not too easy to get to … climax.

The whole time this was happening I had this feeling like I had seen this movie before and there was a zombie in the bathroom stalls behind me waiting to pop out and kill us all. I was hoping to god that I could just finish and get out of here before the zombie burst forth. I shook my hips moving my dick around in her mouth. It must have been just enough since I busted my nut right in her upward looking mouth… just as I did that the zombie burst from the bathroom stall and my alarm went off… I woke up remembering this insane dream and saying, “if there is any reason to start my blog on my dreams.. that one right there is all the reason I need.”